I just had a pre-natal appointment with my Dr, this statement has had me chuckling all the way home …

“You do know that this is your second pregnancy and you’re not 18 right?! Where is your belly??!!”

She says what you ladies have done with me is amazing, and she’s pretty sure that left leg pain will ease off again after the birth, but she feels I’m seeing the right people to get my body ready for a successful birth!

Yay Pilates!!  Thanks again!” ~ Claire 😊

“In June 2014 my first son was born via an emergency c-section.

When he was 9 months old I was still suffering! I was packing around a spare tire of baby weight, my body hurt and the baby blues were very, very real!

Then my massage therapist sent me to Kalijo …

From the moment Katherine answered my email I felt the fog begin to lift, she understood everything I was telling her and I began my road to recovery.

I started with 8 private classes and boy, I was hooked! My body changed so fast, and my sanity returned, the studio became my happy place!

Fast forward to Nov 2015, I was pregnant again. The first people I told (well aside from my husband!!) were my Kalijo team, I couldn’t wait for this pregnancy to unfold! I was 30lb lighter, physically & mentally stronger than I’d ever been! I continued my 2 classes a week, with additional private sessions with Katherine & Jane right up until the day before I gave birth! I was as amazed as anybody that this 35 year old body of mine could carry a child, chase my very busy 18 month old son around, walk my 2 big dogs every day and get into a bridge, without my feet cramping!

I was told at around 35 weeks that I would need a second c-section, honestly my only concern about this was how long I’d not be able to attend class, could I really manage 8 weeks without my Pilates fix?!

When Katherine informed me I wouldn’t need to take a break, that with her guidance and expertise I could help my body to heal I was ecstatic!

Minutes after my second son was born, I began by breathing. Within 6 hours I was on my feet! The very next day, I was allowed home!! One nurse exclaimed that she had never seen anyone be able to move around a c-section like it, you see, thanks to Pilates, my hamstrings could carry me and my lats could carry my new born son, all whilst allowing my core to rest.

I continued to work from home under Katherine’s instruction, she emailed me appropriate exercises and gentle encouragement when I needed it, and I was given the green light to re-enter the studio at only 6 weeks post delivery.

I’d worked so hard during my pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to see what laid beneath my baby belly, and I have been rewarded! My son is now 4 months old, I have muscle definition I didn’t even have in my 20’s, hello 6 pack!! I can chase my very busy 2 1/2 year old, whilst carrying my 16lb baby, I’m in control, both physically and mentally. And best of all … I DO NOT pee when I sneeze!!!” ~ Claire Monnier

I was thrilled to be able finally come and work out at Kalijo.  Jane was a fantastic trainer and really helped me understand the fundamentals and my own personal challenges to set me on the right path to finding my own core strength.  At this point, I feel on the path to a new deeper place in my personal fitness.  With my new work challenges in front of me I believe I have the strength and stamina to tackle the heavy workload and maintain health.  My new pilates training plays a big part in that.

Thanks you for creating such a beautiful place to workout and for filing it with people with great knowledge and big hearts.

~ Nancy

I’m a 34 year old Mom who was beginning to feel as though the aftermath of pregnancy was never going to end!

I was so frustrated with my post baby body aches and pains. My hips burned when I walked, my back ached, my shoulders sagged, my neck was tight, an old knee injury became so painful my Dr uttered that dreaded word “surgery”, my poor tummy felt like it would never go back together and of course I peed when I sneezed!

But what upset me so much more than all of my pain, was seeing how all my frustration was affecting my relationship with friends and family, I was the perfect example of a Momma bear with a sore head, grumpy and to be avoided!

I finally listened to my massage therapist and booked 8 private Pilates sessions and I’ve never looked back!

Pilates has done so much for me in such a short space of time, in under a year; I’m stronger, I’m hauling wood, I’m power walking up hills with my 2 dogs and son in his stroller, I’m lifting furniture to vacuum under it! I’m 10lbs lighter, my waist has dropped 2″ so have my thighs, and, I will not be having knee surgery anytime soon!

Best of all, without all the aches and pains to distract me from my life, I’m so much more connected. I’m more patient, I’m happier, I’m kinder, now the only thing my friends moan about is how much I nag them to do Pilates!

~ Another Happy Mom

I started Pilates at Kalijo because my back was very bad. I had a lot of pain, I went to lots of different practitioners to try to help with the pain but nothing worked.

After going to Kalijo and working out with Katherine and Cara M, I can honestly say my back is now good, it’s a lot stronger and with no pain.

I also have COPD so my breathing was not good. I was told I could possibly be on oxygen, I cannot believe how much my breathing has improved by going to these classical Pilates classes. I have learned to breathe into my back which I had not heard of before. With help from the great instructors at Kalijo Pilates, I can now control my breathing, and feel so much better!! It is also a great place to go, with great people and lots of fun, thank you.
~ Carol Bowman

Classical Pllates has changed my relationship to EVERYTHING! One of the more noticeable changes has been how I move through water when swimming. To be honest, I used to feel more like a drownIng rat – now I feel like a dolphin! – bending twisting and powering with my whole body In sync.
~ Cara Mackenzie, Advanced Pilates Instructor

Each one of you are a true inspiration and the space you have created is a calm in the storm. Pilates has breathed new life lnto my stuck places, helped me clear my throat for speaking my truth and put my heart in the center of my flow.
~ Lover of Pilates

Just Wanted to say THANK YOU for your BRILLIANCE! WISDOM, and GRACE. It is amazing to me how quickly Pilates has become such a huge source of joy and power for me. I feel stronger and more centered now after 2 years of Pilates than ever before – even after 3 babies.
~ Happy Mom

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