Kalijo Pilates was founded in 2007 by Katherine Denham. “Kalijo,”( pronounced Ka-lee-joe) is a name created for Katherine, Alison and Joseph, the Denham siblings, who are passionate artists who grew up on the Sunshine Coast. At Kalijo we believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. The Denham sisters, Ali-Kat offer modern dance and pilates, while brother Joe creates music and poetry to both local and International communities. As professional dancers Alison and Katherine are fortunate to work with internationally known modern dance artists of Canada and sophisticated dancers out of the Vancouver dance community, while brother Joe has written and published both poetry books and a novel, and is currently recording his first album. All three are parents sharing in their art work with their children, family and neighbours of the Sunshine Coast and Canada and abroad.

Katherine’s “ah-ha” moment with Pilates happened after experiencing two car accidents in 1992. Pilates was an essential part of her rehabilitation, and it gave her the strength to further her dance training as a modern dancer in Toronto at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. A mother of three and a lover of dance, Katherine started dancing before she could walk. Having grown up in Sechelt, BC, Katherine decided to move home to the Sunshine Coast to raise her family in 1998. Katherine continues to teach Pilates, dance and choreograph locally. She is also a passionate advocate for the A, B, C’s of Core Connection and Re-training the Core once a new mom! Katherine offers a safe, sophisticated, and educated training program for mom’s with diastasis rectus split and core dysfunction, in her NEW R.A.D Mom’s class.

Alison admittedly says that she follows in her big sisters foot steps. As a mother too, Ali mainly teaches in the Vancouver Pilates community. She is an Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor and Bellies Inc Trainer. She is a delight and treat to have at Kalijo when her schedule allows!

Meet Team KalijoKatherine has grown this Sunshine Coast Pilates Studio over the years with highly qualified instructors. Kalijo studio offers the only Teacher Training Program in Canada, in the Classical Method, in affiliation with The Pilates Center, from Boulder, CO.

The best way to get started at Kalijo Studio is to sign up for a Private Consultation and feel what Kalijo is all about! BOOK NOW on our Home page, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your BRILLIANCE! WISDOM, and GRACE.
It is amazing to me how quickly Pilates has become such a huge source of joy and power for me.
I feel stronger and more centered now after 2years of Pilates than ever before – even after 3 babies! Each one of you are a true inspiration and the space you have created is a calm in the storm. Pilates has breathed new life into my stuck places, helped me clear m throat for speaking my truth and put my heart in the center of my flow.”

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“Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Through contrology you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your subconscious activities.”
~Joseph Pilates

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