Kalijo Pilates instructors are committed to offering you a balanced core stretch and strength program. They are all highly trained and certified professionals who are dedicated to your well-being and safe, effective instruction. It’s not just our job, it’s our way of life.


Katherine Denham ~ Owner, Founder, & Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorKatherine Denham ~ Founder & Owner of Kalijo Pilates Studio, iLTT for The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO, PMA CPT, Master Classical Pilates Instructor, Master Trainer Bellies Inc. Core Connection Physical Fitness Instructor, Yamuna Ball Rolling Instructor, Dancer, Choreographer, Mother

Katherine Denham is a Licensed Teacher Trainer from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. She is PMA certified and has been teaching dance for over 20yrs and Pilates for over 10yrs.

Her passion for movement began in dance at a very young age as she was running, skipping and dancing before she could even walk. Katherine is the mother of three incredible children. Katherine believes it is never too late to learn how to breath, move and play, through movement, with proper alignment and centering of one’s mind, body and spirit, you can return to life!!

Katherine contributes to an ever growing Classical Pilates Community on the Sunshine Coast & has been fortunate to work with many gifted instructors and artists across Canada and the USA.



Jane Smither ~ Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorJane Smither
Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor

Jane spent over 25 years as a motion picture Camera person and Underwater Camera Operator in the film industry. She injured her shoulder during a ski accident and took another fall a year later tearing her foot. The injuries eventually took their toll on Jane and her business. She ended up having reconstructive foot surgery and on a waiting list for shoulder surgery. While waiting for shoulder surgery and rehabilitating her foot, Jane discovered Pilates.

Pilates helped Jane rehabilitate herself after spending several months in a cast and a wheel chair. Eventually she opted out of shoulder surgery after realizing that Pilates could help strengthen the muscles surrounding the tear in her shoulder. Achieving great results & becoming pain free in her own body, Jane decided to take her Pilates training a step further. She decided to train as a classical Pilates Instructor at Pilates from the Center in North Vancouver and The Pilates Center from Boulder, CO.



Alison Denham ~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor & Professional DancerAlison Denham 
~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor, Bellies Inc Trainer & Professional Dancer

Alison Denham is a certified Pilates instructor and a professional contemporary dance artist. Currently living in Vancouver, BC, Ali is graduated from the Classical Pilates method through Pilates From The Center in North Vancouver and The Pilates Center from Boulder, CO. She has experienced first hand the powerful effects of Pilates through her own practice and is passionate about sharing and guiding clients in their movement journeys. She continues to balance her career as a dance artist with her Pilates teaching. Alison is also trained in Bellies Inc. Core Connection.



Kara Stanley ~ Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorKara Stanley ~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor

A lifelong student of dance and yoga, Kara began studying Pilates with Katherine Denham in 2008 as a method of healing chronic lower back injuries and improving core strength; to this day the depth of the work continues to inform and transform her life. Kara is a graduate of the Classical Pilates Method through the North Vancouver program at Pilates from the Centre and The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO. She has also studied anatomy at Dalhousie University, holds a BA in English Literature from Concordia University and a MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. Kara is a believer in Joseph Pilatesʼ vision of the vitality and health that can be available to us all through the purposeful coordination of the body and mind. In her teaching practice it is her aim to help cultivate this vitality in a manner that radiates out from the Pilatesʼ class work into all aspects of a clientʼs life.



Cara Mackenzie ~ Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorCara Mackenzie
~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor

Cara has been working in the field of holistic health for over a decade – teaching yoga, meditation, and as a massage practitioner. She is very excited to be expanding her umbrella of holistic health and wellness with the Classical pilates method as both an on going client and student of The Pilates Center, from the Boulder, Colorado program. Through Pilates, Cara has found relief from sciatica, wrist pain and knee pain that developed over years of intense physical activity such as tree planting, landscaping, massage work and sports. Cara believes that Pilates is truly for every body and is excited to be sharing such an incredible method of self rejuvenation with her community. Cara is currently training in Yamuna Ball Rolling.



Mishelle Brydges ~ Certified Pilates ApprenticeMishelle Brydges
  ~ Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor

Mishelle is a play art hair stylist, creating colours & shapes at Dorado Beauty Bar in Gibsons. Coming from a background in dance, as a dancer, teacher & choreographer, Mishelle has always been intrigued by the human body and all of its unravelling. She has enjoyed learning developmental movements & patterning to support an active family, including a daughter with disabilities. Mishelle begins a continued education path with Kalijo Pilates, Pilates from the Center and The Pilates Center. Mishelle also choreographs and teaches Modern Dance for the Waldorf Ballet School, in Sechelt, BC.



Shelly Elston ~ Certified ApprenticeShelly Elston ~ Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor

Shelly has been studying different versions of Pilates since 2000, but it wasn’t until 2009 when she joined Kalijo that she really started her love affair with the method. After more than 30 years of dance, skiing, cross country mountain biking, running and hiking, Pilates has helped Shelly to iron out the residual kinks that being active leaves on the body. Beyond healing these stuck places, studying the Classical Pilates method has opened a new and vast internal world of strength, breath, and integration that she hasn’t found anywhere else. As a trained Classical Pilates Instructor through Pilates from the Centre in North Vancouver, and The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO Shelly is very excited to share her enthusiasm and curiosity for the method with clients. Shelly also holds an Honours BA in Women’s History from Concordia University, and works for the Federal Government as a business analyst..


Joanna MacKenzie ~ Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorJoanna MacKenzie ~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor

In 1989, Joanna was studying Modern Dance at SFU while on sabbatical from her Anatomy Degree at McGill. She was introduced to Pilates as an exercise form that prevented injuries during intensive dance training. She immediately felt that Pilates pushed the physical boundaries of dance performance, and a lot more! She fell in love with the movement method. Inspired by the healing occuring in her body, mind, and spirit, Joanna persued education in body-mind psychology and she completed a masters degree from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Currently, Joanna is excited to be training as a Classical Pilates Instructor, and is deeply committed to life long learning, growth, and sharing.


Troy Guyot ~ Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorTroy Guyot ~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor

Troy is really awesome and Pilates has made him even awesomer. He wants to make other people awesomer too!

Troy is a true Pilates nerd, dealing with low back issues is his specialty. He is also the studio admin support manager and a huge support in making your time at Kalijo a great one!


Kate Hergott ~ Advanced Classical Pilates InstructorKate Hergott ~ Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor, Yamuna Ball Rolling Certified Instructor

At age 16, Kate was diagnosed with hip dysplacia, She was in incredible pain and saw an orthopaedic doctor who suggested a hip replacement. Kate opted out of surgery and discovered Pilates. She has never looked back!

Through Pilates, Kate developed a passion for anatomy & movement, and has gained a lot of strength which also means less hip pain. Kate’s mission is to help others discover their own inner strength. She loves to celebrate the little victories in each clients journey. Kate is also certified in Yamuna Ball Rolling and appreciates the release work it has to offer. When Kate isn’t teaching, taking classes, or studying at the studio, you can find her taking photos, or doodling in lattes at Strait Coffee in Wilson Creek.

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