History of Pilates

Pilates is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He called his method Contrology, which refers to the way his system encourages the use of the mind to control the muscles. Kalijo Pilates teaches the Classical Method of Pilates.

Benefits of The Classical Method

The Classical Method of Pilates transforms people physically, mentally, spiritually and throughout their nervous systems. By fine-tuning the mind-body connection, participants regain a more youthful body that moves with grace, ease and better alignment. Our students report feeling taller, more aligned and stronger as we teach them to breathe in coordination with their movements. The improved circulation they experience feeds into the heart, oxygenates the blood and organs and helps to heal those tighter, stiffer, painful areas of the body.

Currently Kalijo offers the following Classes:

Challenge your core strength and deep-core stabilizers with the Pilates Tower, Stability Chair and props such as Foam Rollers, Thera-Bands, Toning Balls and Fitness Circles. Power Tower classes help you develop body awareness, strength and flexibility. The spring and pulley systems in our equipment work with your body’s own range of motion and coordination, allowing you to tone, strengthen and find more flexibility and mobility throughout the entire body and its joints. For some people, this work has added inches to their spine.


Instructors guide these small classes and movements performed on these specialized spring and pulley machines help prevent injuries and strengthen your core as well as find more flexibility. With the use of the pulley system and springs, a carriage that you either lie on, sit on, stand or kneel on, slides forward and back, supporting your weight and joints in a safe manner from heavy impact or jarring on the joints. Using the Reformer restores a more youthful, mobile and healthy spine and body.

Mat Classes


If you are new to Kalijo, are a dancer, athlete, or have specific health concerns, our package of four private classes includes a review of your medical history and a movement assessment with one of our Certified Pilates Instructors to determine the safest and most effective program tailored to your personal needs. From there, we can place you in the appropriate level of classes.

Pilates Teacher Training

We also provide teacher training right here on the Sunshine Coast. Visit our Pilates Teacher Training page for more information.

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